Tucson Elder Law Attorney

We are committed to helping seniors, individuals with disabilities, and their families and supporters make informed choices guiding them through some of life’s most important decisions. That may mean estate planning, special needs planning, guardianship, conservatorship, long-term care planning or probate. As Tucson Elder Law Attorney (s). That’s what we know.

Private Fiduciary Services

In select cases (and usually when there is no other good alternative) we act as trustee, personal representative or agent. We handle financial and life decisions, prepare tax returns and keep interested parties in the loop.

Our Attorneys

Robert B. Fleming
Thomas A. Curti
Amy Farrell Matheson
Elizabeth Noble Rollings

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  • Curti regularly conducts useful CLE programs for lawyers in area related to trust administration and estate planning and is highly regarded.

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  • Fleming is an outstanding lawyer in the fields of trusts and estates, estate planning and elder law, and most lawyers in this community refer matters to him or call upon his expertise on a regular basis.

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  • Wonderful people who helped us through a very trying time.

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Tucson Elder Law Attorney Newsletter

  • Residuary Clause

    Ambiguous Residuary Clause in Will Causes Difficulty

    Your will should accomplish at least three simple things. It should identify who will manage the estate (the “personal representative”, in Arizona). The will should identify individual items, dollar amounts or percentages that are to go to particular recipients. Finally, the will should include a “residuary clause” — a statement about who will receive the…

  • Personal Liability

    Personal Liability for Acting as Personal Representative

    When you agree to act as personal representative of a decedent’s estate, do you take on any potential personal liability? Generally not, but you should make sure everyone knows that you are acting as a fiduciary. A recent Arizona case illustrates the risk if you do not. Estate’s property is sold When Gary Barnes (not…

  • Beneficiary Deed

    Beneficiary Deed Can Help Avoid Arizona Probate

    Like a number of other states, Arizona permits a real estate owner to sign a deed that transfers property automatically at death. This type of deed, often referred to as a “beneficiary deed,” is revocable during life, but can help avoid the probate process on the death of the owner. So does that mean every…

  • Undue Influence

    Trust Benefiting Lawyer Creates Undue Influence Presumption

    VOLUME 24 NUMBER 21 To be valid, a will or trust must reflect the intentions of a competent signer. If the signer is deemed to have been subject to the undue influence of someone else, the document can be invalidated. Even documents carefully prepared by lawyers sometimes get successfully challenged. When the lawyer is a…

  • Jurisdiction

    Determining Which State Has Jurisdiction Over a Trust

    VOLUME 24 NUMBER 20 Let’s say you have a disagreement with your sister, who is trustee of a trust your parents created. Your sister lives in Montana, though she has a winter home in Arizona. Your parents lived in Arizona when they died. They signed their wills and trust in Arizona, and their lawyer was…