Tucson Elder Law Attorney

We are committed to helping seniors, individuals with disabilities, and their families and supporters make informed choices guiding them through some of life’s most important decisions. That may mean estate planning, special needs planning, guardianship, conservatorship, long-term care planning or probate. As Tucson Elder Law Attorney (s). That’s what we know.

Private Fiduciary Services

In select cases (and usually when there is no other good alternative) we act as trustee, personal representative or agent. We handle financial and life decisions, prepare tax returns and keep interested parties in the loop.

Our Attorneys

Robert B. Fleming
Thomas A. Curti
Amy Farrell Matheson
Elizabeth Noble Rollings Friman

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  • Curti regularly conducts useful CLE programs for lawyers in area related to trust administration and estate planning and is highly regarded.

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  • Fleming is an outstanding lawyer in the fields of trusts and estates, estate planning and elder law, and most lawyers in this community refer matters to him or call upon his expertise on a regular basis.

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  • Wonderful people who helped us through a very trying time.

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Tucson Elder Law Attorney Newsletter

  • Court-appointed attorney

    Court-Appointed Attorney Must Advocate for Client

    Guardianship and conservatorship proceedings can be personally devastating to the proposed ward. The process can result in loss of dignity, autonomy and freedom. The subject of the proceedings should have legal advice; if they don’t already have a lawyer, a court-appointed attorney should be available. That issue loomed large in a recent Iowa Court of…

  • Lawyer’s False Guardian Reports Lead to Bar Discipline

    A court-appointed guardian has a variety of responsibilities. One administrative duty: most states require the filing of guardian reports, typically once a year. Those guardian reports alert the court to any changes. They also address whether the guardianship continues to be appropriate. Who and what must be reported Arizona, for instance, provides a report form…

  • Declaratory judgment

    Contestants Seek Declaratory Judgment on No-Contest Clause

    It is hardly uncommon for family members to disagree about the validity or meaning of a will. Even when they disagree, though, few people actually go to the trouble and expense to file a formal contest. A recent will contest case in Georgia provided a different wrinkle that invites further explanation: the will contests filed…

  • Special needs trust's purpose

    North Carolina Court Reviews Special Needs Trust’s Purpose

    When someone creates a trust — any trust — they have some purpose or goal. What is a special needs trust’s purpose? That seemingly simple question is the focus of a recent North Carolina case. Indeed, four different levels of that state’s courts seem to have trouble coming up with a straightforward answer. The guardianship…

  • Common law marriage

    Common Law Marriage May Be Valid in Another State

    We have written several times about common law marriage. It is a topic that generates lots of confusion and discussion. Despite the fact that most states do not recognize common law marriages, the problems continue to crop up. That happens even in the states that do not authorize their own citizens to enter into such…